Create your own Illuminated Bible by printing out
individual verse pages from this site.

All pages are free to print,
to allow schools, churches
(and anyone else who so wishes)
to create an Illuminated Bible.

Each verse should print out in fairly large type onto a single sheet, to allow the addition of graphics, paintings, crayon drawings etc. - whatever makes each page beautiful and memorable.

A school of 700 children doing a page a day each could illuminate every verse of the Bible in just seven weeks ... and create something wonderful in the process.

Sponsorship by parents / friends / relatives of even 1 per page would cover not only professional binding to create actual books, for Genesis, Exodus, etc., but also probably generate a sizeable residue to benefit disadvantaged children, local charities, restoration of church roofs - or any suitable project.

There are four sets of verses to choose from - see the main page.

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