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Welcome to the Illuminated Bible - shining a light on every single verse of The Holy Bible.

There are four sets available (all sets contain all verses).

original set
signpost set
[with numbers]
light set
[for reading]
leaf set
[for printing]

  • Use the silver crosses to move forwards to the next verse, or back to the previous one.

  • Use the top links bar to switch from any verse set, to the same verse in another set.

  • If you wish to bookmark a verse, switch to the original (static) set (the other three sets are dynamic).

  • Verse pages in the leaf set don't have the links bar, so just use the link from the title of the Book (below the verse) to reach the Book index page and scroll upwards for links to other areas.

    All verses on line here are those in the King James Version of The Bible.

    If you prefer reading The Bible in chapters, there's a separate area for that here.

    You won't find any "commentary" on this website. We don't presume to tell you "how to interpret the verses" - we just present the verses themselves, for you to explore, if you so wish.

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